Wednesday, 2 September 2015

LUSH Cosmetics : Father Christmas and Twilight Bath Bombs Review Demo

I've recently tried two from my LUSH Cosmetics bath bombs collection. I haven't tried using two bath bombs in one bath, so I was really excited to give it a go. I combined the Father Christmas Bath Bomb and the Twilight Bath Bomb in one amazingly aromatic bath. I heard incredible things about both of the bath bombs and I was expecting great things from it. I absolutely adore the combination of the two bath bombs, although you'll see in the photos that the color of the Father Christmas out-shined the Twilight. They smell absolutely sensational, and I love how silky smooth it feels on the skin. They're very moisturising and refreshes the skin. They're so relaxing and soothes any aching muscles in my body. Definitely a powerful combination!

Father Christmas has such an incredible fresh citrus scent. Once you pop this jolly red bomb in your tub, it turns your water from bright red to vivid green, spreading trails of creamy white froth as it goes. Best of all, Father Christmas fills your bathroom with an invigorating satsuma fragrance that lingers on the skin for hours afterwards. Uplifting, fruity and fresh – this is the most festive bomb of them all. All we want for Christmas is this Santa, baby!

Twilight is a peaceful lavender bathing under the stars. Recreate the magic of a starry night in your bath water with clouds of lavender and tonka absolute to fight the demons of insomnia and soothe your stressed out body and mind. Lush's most relaxing Bath Bomb yet, Twilight is their gentle, reassuring hug for the bath to transform you from worn out to warm and fuzzy. It changes color like the sky at dusk, from pinks to purples and darker still. Lay back in the comforting herbal waters to soak your troubles far, far away.

LUSH Cosmetics : Father Christmas and Twilight Bath Bombs Review Demo

Monday, 31 August 2015

Affordable Fashion Women Watches from

Watches are one of the accessories that majority of us wear every single day. It's something that a lot of people can't leave without or go out in the world without. Watches style changed year after year, fashion trend grows, but it still serves the same purpose. I'm a fan of watches myself, I'm a very punctual person and never late. I'm always on time and I'm very organized, so a watch is something that I want to have with me at all times. It's even better when a watch suits my fashion style.

I love different types of watches, expensive or affordable. I enjoy browsing through the web on what's the hottest trends and what's timeless. I recently came across an online store called that offers so many fashion accessories, including trendy watches with very pocket friendly prices.

GearBest is more than just a shopping site, it's designed for gadget lovers by gadget lovers. They have a passion for all kinds of cool and fun gadgets, including smart phones, smart watches, car electronics, RC Quadcopters, LED flashlights, consumer electronics, men's clothings, fashion watches, and many more. GearBest not only offers a large selection of the latest gadgets, but also aims to keep their price the lowest worldwide. If you find identical gadgets elsewhere which are cheaper than their free shipping prices, you can submit a price match request on the product page, and they will price match within 48 hours.

Affordable Fashion Women Watches from

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Girls' Night at Mexican Cafe and Giapo Haute Ice Cream

My girl friends and I had a little dinner celebration and catch-up since one of our friends is visiting New Zealand for 2 weeks, and our other friend got recently engaged. I planned the dinner, and I picked Mexican Cafe at Downtown, Auckland. I've been craving Mexican food, and it fits the type of cuisine all my friends like. I haven't been to Mexican Cafe before, but I heard amazing things about their food and the quality of their services so I was really excited to try it. We came there fairly early for dinner, around 6:00 pm to beat the busy hours. I couldn't really book a table because the minimum people for booking is 8, and there were only 6 of us. We got a really nice table at the veranda area which I actually appreciate.

The menu is pretty impressive and contains famous authentic Mexican meals. The prices they offer are very reasonable too, especially since the servings for their main meals are enormous! The ambiance is cozy and warm, and I love all the little decorations that portrays the Mexican culture. They also offer lots of drinks and cocktails, they have happy hour, and fun events at certain occasions. It's such a fun little haven of Mexican food and culture!

Girls' Night at Mexican Cafe and Giapo Haute Ice Cream

Friday, 7 August 2015

Lime Crime Shopping Haul (Lipstick and Velvetines) - Riot, Salem, Cashmere, Bleached, Geradium, Babette

I've been a huge fan of Lime Crime over the years, and I'm so happy that I finally got the chance to try their very popular lip products. I've been dying to try their lipsticks and Velvetines. Lime crime is very well known to have the most vibrant and fun selections of colors in their collections. Their lip products are very famous in the beauty community and vastly shared in social media. I just completely adore the fact that they have colors from the most natural tone to the most extrovert funky colors.

I picked out two lipsticks and four Velvetines for now. Although, I'm definitely planning to purchase more lip products form them. I can't get enough of their gorgeous colors; and not to mention, their insanely pigmented color pay-off! Also, the fact that all their products are 100% cruelty free and vegan. You'll also fall in love with their adorable unicorn theme, and everything about their packaging designs are mythical and adventurous!

Lime Crime Shopping Haul (Lipstick and Velvetines) - Riot, Salem, Cashmere, Bleached, Geradium, Babette

Thursday, 6 August 2015

LUSH Cosmetics Golden Egg Bath Bomb Melt Review and Demo

I used another bath bomb from Lush Cosmetics recently. It's such an adorable bath bomb melt from Lush Easter Collection called Golden Egg. Unfortunately, this bath bomb is only available during Easter since it was made for that occasion. It's such an adorable little golden egg, so perfect for the Easter Season, and I just love how glittery and shiny it looks. The outer texture of the egg is very shiny and creamy as well as when it was melted on the bath. The scent is really nice and I absolutely loved how it left a shimmer on my skin. After the bath, the glitter was noticeable but subtle enough that I didn't have to scrub it all off before heading to work.

Creamy honey-toffee luxury
You can stop hunting for eggs, because the hunt ends here! This spectacular invention has combined a Bath Bomb and a Luxury Bath Melt to create (drumroll please…) the Bath Bomb Melt! Its creamy, moisturizing cocoa butter exterior encases a fizzy Bath Bomb center, and the whole egg is dusted in a delicate golden luster. Even better? It has the classic honey-toffee fragrance of our best-selling Honey I Washed The Kids soap.

LUSH Cosmetics Golden Egg Bath Bomb Melt Review and Demo

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Botanical No. 01 Poppy and Peony Rose Scented Candle by The Aromatherapy Co.

I recently tried another candle from The Aromatherapy Co. It's such a beautiful floral scent, and I love how fresh and sweet it made my room smells. The candle is called Botanical No. 01 with Poppy and Peony Rose scent. It's from Smith & Caughey's store at downtown Auckland. I've always been a huge fan of scented candles, it's so nice to come in a room when it smells amazing. I wish they have more scented candles at more affordable prices here in New Zealand, I know I'll definitely stock up!

The scent is so amazing, I love roses so it's definitely something that I know I'll adore. The scent is not too strong, but not mild either. It's strong enough to fill the your room with floral aroma and it can last for couple of hours. I also adore the gorgeous glass candle container that it comes with. It shows that this scented candle is made with high quality products.

Botanical No. 01 Poppy and Peony Rose Scented Candle by The Aromatherapy Co.

Monday, 20 July 2015

Ash Blonde Ombré Balayage by The Orange Room Salon

Hi my loves! As promised, I'm going to do a blogpost about my new hair. I got my hair colored into an Ash Blonde Ombré Balayage from The Orange Room. It's a home-based salon in Auckland, New Zealand around Henderson. My mom, sister, and I found this amazing salon couple of months ago, and I'm very happy that it's now my go-to place for my hair and beauty needs.

Let me tell you a brief story about my hair. I've been bleaching and hair coloring my hair at home for the past 3-4 years, which is incredibly bad apparently! I just found out from my hair-stylist that boxed hair dyes from supermarkets and drugstores are very bad for you hair, and they consist of chemicals that are very harmful for your hair. I'm just very glad that I've decided to invest on doing hair color in a salon and done by a professional hair-stylist. I'm just really relieved that my hair is going to be taken care of now. I remember back then when my hair was so silky and smooth before the hair bleaching and color using boxed products, and I hope I can get back to that stage again.

Since I've done damage to my hair with all the home bleaching and using boxed hair dyes, my hair is having trouble grabbing to ash tones. The sole purpose of coloring my hair from the beginning is to achieve a gorgeous ash tone, but with asian hair, it's very impossible to achieve it by using boxed hair dyes. You have to go to a salon and get it professionally done if you have Asian dark/jet black hair. Unless you want that ugly brassy, orangey, yellow tones - it's like a hair nightmare!

My hair will be going through stages of toning every 2 weeks, in able for my hair to grab the ash tone. At the moment, my hair is having trouble retaining the ash tone, and the gradient of tones are not consistent through my hair. It's going to take a lot of time and patience for my hair to achieve the ash tone that I want. My ultimate aim is to have an Ombré Balayage from a Mousy Dark Brown to Platinum Ash. I'm incredibly in love with the transition of those colors, it's absolutely stunning!

For now, I'm still very happy with my hair even though it's not as "ashy" as I want it to be, but of course I need to be patient to achieve the ash tone that I'm aiming for. It's not going happen in one sitting since my hair is very stubborn. My hair-stylist, Kat, is very competent and I'm confident that she can achieve the ash tone that I like in time.

Ash Blonde Ombré Balayage by The Orange Room Salon

Sunday, 19 July 2015

How To Make Your Makeup Last If You Have An Oily Skin

If you have oily skin, you know the bane of wearing makeup. Many of the problems that come with oily skin - extra shine and slickness - are exacerbated when wearing makeup. You shouldn’t have to fear makeup no matter your skin type - luckily we have some tips and tricks for wearing makeup with oily skin.

One of the most aggravating things about oily skin is trying to cover up any acne or blemishes. Because of the way the oil affects the makeup, it can run or be easily smudged, leaving you with less or partial coverage. Yikes! In order to get a makeup look that doesn’t run or smudge, it’s necessary to take a few steps before you apply your makeup and while you wear.


To start with, treat your oily skin best with cleansing and drinking lots of water. Wash with a mild cleanser and washcloth once daily. Though it may be tempting, overwashing can actually cause an increase in oil production, so it’s key to stick to a minimal cleansing plan.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock