Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Australis Paparazzi Perfect High Definition Blush (Shoot To Thrill, Flash It, Poser) - Review and Swatches

I can definitely say that Australis Cosmetics is one of my favorite Australian makeup brands so far. I haven't tried that much makeup made from Australia or New Zealand since I always gravitate towards American and European makeup. I'm really happy that I found a brand sold in Australia and New Zealand that I really adore. It's so nice to try so many different brands for different countries, and I don't really want to restrict myself to just try brands made from 1-2 countries. You'll never find those unique gems if you don't try them, right?! It's fun to explore and experiment when it comes to cosmetics!

Australis Cosmetics is known to have such vibrant shades in their color palette and provide intense pigmentation. It's amazing how they can achieve great quality formulation at pocket friendly prices. I've swatched so many Australian-made cosmetics at different stores and Australis is one of the best I've tried so far. I especially love their blushes and lipsticks, the colors are just so beautifully chosen to cater for a wide variety of skin-tones. You'll definitely love their bold lip colors to achieve the sexiest pout ever. The best thing about Australis is that all their products are 100% cruelty free!

I picked out three blushes from their Paparazzi Perfect line. I'm a huge fan of the Paparazzi Perfect line because of the brilliant color pay-off and perfectly formulated texture. Also, I'm a big fan of the packaging, they look very sleek and classy! I always have a soft spot for packaging, I can never say no when they look really beautiful.

Australis Paparazzi Perfect High Definition Blush (Shoot To Thrill, Flash It, Poser) - Review / Swatches / Demo

Monday, 15 September 2014

Trendy And Affordable Sweater Dresses For Fall Fashion

It's Fall/Autumn Season in the Northern Hemisphere right now, and that means new fashion trends! One of the best things about the new season for me are definitely the change of fashion trends. I love walking in the mall to see so many new clothing items with different styles associated with the brand new season. It's always so exciting to discover new trends developed from the previous year, or see very famous trends return for the season. Fall/Autumn colors are warm, sultry and elegant; it's such a joy to express our personality through the clothing we wear. Fall/Autumn is one of my favorite seasons through-out the year and I'm happy for the countries who are experiencing that season right now!

I've discovered updated trends from Tbdress.com that are popular to the fashion world, especially for fashion bloggers and seen on many street style outfits. I love that you can find cheap sweater dresses and long sleeve sweater dresses from the website, and they cater to fit the contemporary style in Fall fashion. Sweater dresses are one of my favorite go-to outfits for Fall since they're both comfortable and stylish, you can never go wrong with it! I've seen so many fashion bloggers and street style outfits rocking the sweater dresses even from years ago, and I'm glad that it's still trending this year.

Trendy And Affordable Sweater Dresses For Fall Fashion

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Sigma Beauty Paris Palette (Limited Edition) Review / Swatches / Demo

Paris is one of my most favourite places in the world. I haven't set foot in it but I'm definitely planning to do so in the future. I LOVE and ADORE everything about France or anything related to France, so when Sigma Beauty released a palette dedicated to the beautiful city of Paris, I bought it straight away with no hesitations! They released this palette few years ago and I'm still in love with it until now. The whole structure from the packaging to the formulation of the makeup are just so flawless, I was highly impressed when I first got my hands on it!

The Paris Palette is a limited edition so you better grab one while it's still on the website. You'll definitely love it, and it's such a perfect gift to any makeup lover. A number of famous YouTube beauty gurus and beauty experts contributed into creating the shades for the palette - DulceCandy87, frmheadtotoe, macNC40, MakeupByTiffanyD, Petrilude, xsparkage, and xteeener. The colors in this palette are inspired by the landmark monuments and locations in Paris.  The Paris Project is the perfect combination of talent, art and tradition.  Seven renowned beauty experts explored the City of Lights and developed an original makeup palette inspired by the alluring city of Paris.

"The Sigma Beauty Limited Edition Paris Makeup Palette includes eight eye shadow colors inspired by landmark monuments and locations in Paris. It also includes two blush colors and one highlight shade, carefully developed to complement all skin tones. The palette comes with two essential brushes for a flawless makeup application.

Brushes Included:
  • E55 - Eye Shading
  • F40 - Large Angled Contour" -- (source: www.sigmabeauty.com)

Sigma Beauty Paris Palette (Limited Edition) Review / Swatches / Demo

Monday, 8 September 2014

Cheap Junior Prom Dresses With The Latest Fashion Trends

I remember many years ago when it was my junior prom and I struggled really hard looking for the right dress for me. It was difficult back then because I had no idea about fashion and the proper attire to wear for my junior prom. I'm not a fashion person back when I was a young teenager, my fashion sense evolved when I moved here in New Zealand back in 2003. I'm happy for the young teens of this generation that everything is readily available for them, and they can search online to find the perfect junior prom dresses for them without any difficulties.

Tbdress.com is such an amazing website to find the most stunning formal dresses with prices that are pocket friendly, especially for a student who doesn't have a job yet. They have the latest trends in fashion and they update their collection every season. You'll find dresses from prom, homecoming, cocktail parties, sweet 16, birthday parties, evening dresses, and many more. They have so many style dresses from short to long, and with a wide array of different styles that will surely match any body shape and compliments you from head to toe!

I picked out a couple of my favorite dresses I found from Tbdress.com that would be perfect for your junior prom. I hope you'll find a dress that will make you feel like the queen of the night.

Cheap Junior Prom Dresses With The Latest Fashion Trends

Friday, 5 September 2014

Friday Food Adventure : Mekong Neua Thai Restaurant and Circus Circus

I can't believe it's September already, time flies so fast and it feels like it's faster after every month! Hello to Spring here in the Southern Hemisphere, although the first week of Spring here is so gloomy and rainy. I hope it will get better for the next few weeks since Spring is one of my favorite seasons. I'm waiting for the sunshine and the blooming of flowers! I visited two more new restaurants for the past few days along Mt. Eden, it's always nice to move away from the usual places I go to in Auckland. I really enjoy discovering new restaurants and I'm glad I'm becoming more adventure in terms of cuisine.


My friend and I watched a movie last week, and we wanted to go to a dessert place after. Since our favorite dessert place is quite a drive, we decided to find a place closer. We searched through Mt. Eden and found Circus Circus. It's actually a very popular restaurant, it was around 9pm when we went there and there were still so many people coming in for a late dinner. We just went there for the dessert since it's the best place we found around the area.

Circus Circus Restaurant

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Sigma Beauty Bare Palette Review / Swatches / Demo

I have another Sigma Beauty palette that I want to introduce to you, and I know you'll all love this palette because it's for everyday looks. Sigma is known to offer one of the best makeup brushes in the market, and they also creates beautifully formulated makeup products. I've always been a huge fan of Sigma, and I'm completely obsessed with their brushes and makeup palettes. They also have so many gorgeous packaging which shows that they put a lot of effort and thought process into creating each of their products.

The Bare Eye Shadow Palette includes eight eye shadow shades represented by neutral and wearable tones such as taupe, brown, bronze and black, perfect to create both classic and everyday neutral looks. Use this palette to highlight inner corners of the eyes, emphasize the crease, enhance the brow bone and define the lash line. Contains matte, satin and shimmer formulations.

Includes a dual-ended brush: 
  • E30 - Pencil: Soften pencil liners along the top and bottom lash lines, add shadow to line the eyes, or use to highlight inner corner of eyes. 
  • E25 - Blending: Blend colors together onto the lid with added control. Buff out harsh lines for a well blended effect.

Sigma Beauty Bare Palette Review / Swatches / Demo

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Sigma Beauty Flare Palette Review / Swatches / Demo

Sigma Beauty is one of my most favorite brands when it comes to make-up brushes, but of course, I'm also very interested in their palettes and other cosmetics. Sigma Beauty is a very well known brand in the beauty industries, if you're a makeup enthusiasts then you definitely know what Sigma Beauty is. It's a go-to brand by many famous YouTube beauty gurus, professional make-up artists, and a large number of beauty bloggers. They offer top-notch quality make-up brushes, most of them are even better than high-end brands you can buy from Sephora. I've tried quite a few of their brushes, and I'm planning to get more since my Sigma wishlist is getting longer and longer! I have a couple of their makeup palettes, and I want to introduce the Flare Palette to you today. I've had this palette for few years now and I'm still so obsessed with it!

"The Sigma Beauty Flare™ Eye Shadow Palette contains eight eye shadow shades represented by bright, yet sophisticated hues that feature iridescent undertones. Light greens and highly pigmented purples mixed with browns and beige's create the perfect combination of shades for fun and colorful everyday looks! Contains matte and satin formulations.

Includes a dual-ended brush:

  • E55 - Eye Shading: Place color across the entire lid for an even and strong application of product.
  • E40 - Tapered Blending: Using just the tips to apply color, sweep back and forth through the crease for a diffused and blended finish." -- (source: www.sigmabeauty.com)

Sigma Beauty Flare Palette Review / Swatches / Demo

Friday, 15 August 2014

Friday Food Adventure : Besos Latinos and Delectable Desserts

I wanted to start a segment in my blog about new restaurants that I've tried for the week. My blog is usually about beauty and fashion, but I want to address the lifestyle part of my blog from time to time. I think it's such an amazing way to introduce restaurants to other people, especially if you're like me who loves experiencing new food!

My sister and I went downtown few days ago and went to our favorite place to eat called Elliott Stables. It's like a huge and very fancy version of a food court with so many different stalls of different foods from around the world. It's such a beautiful place which actually reminds me of some streets from Italy and Paris; the place gives the sensation of a cozy and romantic atmosphere. I also love the fact that most workers from each mini restaurants/food stalls at Elliott Stables are actually representing the food they provide; i.e. French people serving at the French stall. It's actually a favorite place for university students to eat at because it's near the university campus at city. Also, such a fantastic change from the food we get at the mall. It's like a chance to taste authentic food from around the world at one place!

Friday Food Adventure : Besos Latinos and Delectable Desserts