Tuesday, 2 October 2012

How Haunted is Your House?

 Hi my gorgeous fashionistas!

I can't believe it's October already and Halloween is only few weeks away! Halloween is not as big here compare to the U.S., and I'm so jealous! I wish I live in the U.S. right now, Halloween there is so much fun! We still celebrate Halloween here but I wish it's a bigger celebration like in the U.S. I love giving candies to little kids when they do trick or treating, they look so amazing and too adorable even though they're trying to look scary, they still look so cute. :) I've seen so many amazing decorated houses and yards for Halloween in the net and I was so amazed how much effort and details people do to make their house so festive for Halloween, you can really feel the Halloween spirit! How I wish I can decorate our house like the houses I saw but it would be weird here in New Zealand, we'll probably be the only house that's decorated, hehe.

I always look forward for any type of holiday, Halloween is definitely one of the most exciting holiday for me. I love the creepiness of the decorations, they look so extravagant and the happy children running around all with sugar high, haha! It's such an awesome holiday! 

** photos used below are from google.com **

This spider-web filled wall is so amazing!! It's so creepy and brilliant!! I love it alot.

Halloween Haunted Houses are the best! I think every decorations have their own individuality and the ideas are so ingenious. That's what I love about Halloween, people's creative side are shown.
The houses definitely look SPOOK-TACULAR!

How smart is this?!! I love this so much, it's just so witty and one of the best decorations I've seen. :)
The "I've grounded the kids for the Weekend!" sign is so brilliant!

I love this one alot too! I always get fascinated with graveyard decorations, they're so scary and I love it!

I hope many of you already started decorating your houses for Halloween, and I hope I gave you all some ideas and inspirations from the photos I posted! Can't wait to see more creepy houses around. :)

I hope all of you lovely people are having a fabulous day!
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  1. I agree! It's just so sad that NZ doesn't celebrate Halloween :( I miss trick or treating with my friends! Wish that NZ embraced the Halloween tradition!

    - Gia http://www.lovelyserendipity.com

    1. iknow right! it's such a fun holiday, it wouldn't hurt to dedicate one day of the year for it :) thanks so much for dropping by hun. xo

  2. Omg the house with the spiders scared the hell out of me lol. Definitely getting into the holiday spirit



    1. me too! i really love the graveyard decorations,they're so creepy, such great ideas :) thanks for dropping by hun. xo

  3. Halloween is not that big here in Guatemala either but we do dress up and go to costume parties. Have you thought about your costume? I'm still thinking about mine... I can't seem to decide.


    1. we do that too :) i just wish we decorate the houses here though so the place is more festive. i don't know what i want to wear either, still thinking :) thanks for dropping by love! xo

  4. Me encantan las fotos, perfectas para Hallowen :)



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