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MUA (MakeUp Academy) The Artiste Collection Palette - Review / Swatches / MakeUp Look

Hi my gorgeous fashionistas!

It's been awhile since the last time I did a make-up product review and I still have a pile of beauty products to do reviews and swatches on. I've been using The Artiste Collection palette from MUA (MakeUp Academy) for so many weeks now and I've became fond of the palette and I always find myself reaching for it! I'm a huge fan of MUA Cosmetics and I actually have a reasonable amount of their products, they're really affordable and the quality is surprisingly amazing! I'm really impressed with most of their products and I always find myself creating a long wishlist in their website after every purchase that I made. Also, I love the versatility of  products they offer. They have absolutely everything for a full face make-up, from your primer to your setting spray, they have it all!

"The Artiste Collection is a palette on the go which helps create a full face all in one, with 6 brand NEW merged eye shadows, two powder blushers and a contour shade and highlighter. Shades include shimmery merged tones for fashion-forward statement smoky eyes with light and earthy naturals for an everyday look which can easily be transformed into an evening smoky eye look. The two blushes include warm pink shades for a soft shimmer finish. Finally the contour and highlighter helps create a flawless sculpted natural glow. These rich, high-pigmented colours help achieve a stunning look this summer." (source: muastore.co.uk)

MUA The Artiste Collection Palette

MUA The Artiste Collection Palette

MUA The Artiste Collection Palette

You can get this amazing palette for £6.00 only! I know, it's so affordable!
It's the first ever palette from MUA that have names for the eyeshadows.

APPLICATION: 4/5 -- The eyeshadow are easy to pick up with a make-up brush or fingers, except for the 2 light eyeshadows which are called Pistachio and Mocca; however, they are so bendable and very easy to pack on. The rest of the eyeshadows are easy to pick up and applies on the eyelids with ease. I really love how easy they are to blend and you can still see the distinct eyeshadows on the eyelids. The individual shades are not lost through the blending process, you can still identify between the colours. There are some fall-outs for the lighter shades but that's just normal for any eyeshadow. The blushes, bronzer, and highlighter applies amazing on the face, they're definitely build-able and you can use them as sheer or as opaque as you'd like.

TEXTURE: 4/5 -- The eyeshadows are marbled and have the baked finish, the texture of each eyeshadow is a combination of matte and shimmer, but more matte than shimmer. Also, the shimmer is more of a satin finish not glitters. There are two shimmer blushes, one matte bronzer and a satin highlighting powder. The eyeshadows and face products are not too chalky, except for the lighter eyeshadows (Pistachio and Mocca) which are chalkier than the others and have more fall-outs.

PIGMENTATION: 4/5 -- The first three eyeshadows (Pistachio, Mocca, Ice) have less pigmentation and the last three eyeshadows (Grape, Chocolate, Cookie) are more opaque. The face products have really good colour pay-offs, I'm especially very impressed with the bronzer and highligther. You just need to literally lightly touch the face products with a make-up brush and you'll get rich and deep colour pay-offs.

LONGEVITY: 4/5 -- The longevity is the same as any other drugstore make-up, around 4-6 hours depending on the weather. If you want to get more prominent pigments, it's advisable to use an eyeshadow base and/or use a setting spray so the make-up will last longer without any creasing.

PACKAGING: 5/5 -- I absolutely love the packaging and the eyeshadows themselves. The colours are so gorgeous and the marble effect made them look more appealing. Who doesn't like pretty looking make-up products right?! The case is so sturdy and looks chic, I love that it doesn't look cheap at all. There's no mirror included but that's because the cover is see-through so it's easier to see the colours. I actually prefer it rather than to have an opaque cover with a mirror but then you have to open the case to see the colours every single time. It's more convenient to have a see-through case to see what the palette consist of without opening it!

PRICE V.S. QUALITY: 5/5 -- A palette consisting 6 marbled eyeshadows, 2 blushes, 1 bronzer, and 1 highligther for 6 pounds is very, very affordable! Like I say to every MUA products, you can never find products in the market that have great qualities with affordable prices like MUA. I'm always impressed with the qualities of MUA products, some of them are not even worthy to be called "drugstore make-up", they're better!


MUA The Artiste Collection Palette

MUA The Artiste Collection Palette

MUA The Artiste Collection Palette
Pistachio // Mocca // Ice // Grape // Chocolate // Cookie

MUA The Artiste Collection Palette
Pink Sparkle // Primrose // Bronzed // Shimmer Kiss
(The 2 blushes look very similar on the photo but one is lighter than the other in real life.)

The UPSIDE about the palette:
  • the eyeshadow shades are very different from each other
  • perfect palette for Spring and Summer
  • the colours are perfect for both day-time and night-time looks
  • you can create alot of smokey and natural looks
  • complete palette with eyeshadows and face products
  • great pigmentation for the majority of the palette (except 3 eyeshadows)
  • not much fall-outs
  • most of the eyeshadows have a very smooth texture
  • easy to pack on and very blendable
  • you can make them really opaque or sheer
  • sturdy and very sleek palette case
  • very affordable with great quality!
  • perfect for travel

The DOWNSIDE about the palette:
  • the only thing I dislike are the 3 light eyeshadows, you need to really pack on alot to see the colour pay-off and they're chalkier than the others

Who would love this palette?
This palette is for people who love using light eyeshadow shades for sweet and feminine looks. It's a great palette to use for Spring and Summer. You can use the palette from a day out to any parties. The eyeshadow Grape and Chocolate are perfect to smoke out any make-up look or to use for a cut-crease eye make-up.

MUA The Artiste Collection Palette

MUA The Artiste Collection Palette

Sky Blue & Purple Haze Eyes for Spring 
(using MUA The Artiste Collection palette)

Products used:

-- Ice (MUA The Artiste Collection) for the inner half of the eyelid
-- Chocolate (MUA The Artiste Collection) for the cut-crease
-- Grape (MUA The Artiste Collection) for the outer half of the eyelid
-- Mocca (MUA The Artiste Collection) to highlight the brow bone
-- Pistachio (MUA The Artiste Collection) for the inner half of the bottom lash line
-- Bourjois Queen Attitude Khol Kajal eyeliner
-- MUA Cover and Conceal Wand in Fair (perfect to brighten under eyes! highly recommended!)
-- Garnier BB Cream
-- MUA Pro-Brow Ultimate Kit (I use it everyday, it's perfect!)
-- Bronzed (The Artiste Collection) for a very, very sheer contour
-- Shimmer Kiss (The Artiste Collection) to highlight cheekbones, I didn't want to use any blush because the eyes and lips are intense, having dark contour and blush will be too overpowering and will not look good at all.
-- NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk for the eyeshadow base

DISCLAIMER: This is NOT a sponsored post. These products were purchased with my own money. I didn't get paid to say all the things I said in this post, and I'm NOT affiliated with the companies mentioned or getting any compensation for my opinions. My reviews and opinions are 100% HONEST and UNBIASED.


  1. I so need to try products from MUA!! I always miss their sales though, although I know they are so affordable! :P
    This looks like a wonderful palette, the speckled eyeshadows look so cute! I love the look you've done with it, too.
    I think I might get this palette for my American holiday in July so I don't have to worry about packing blush separately! xx

    1. thanks alot hun!! :) don't worry i buy from them during sales only too! hehe. that's coz i want to buy a TON :) and yea you should definitely try MUA, they have so many great products, and i'm really amazed with the quality of most of them :)

  2. this ones on my wishlist too. thanks for reviewing. I love mua products too.

  3. great review! thanks for swatches!! :D I love your make up look! So gorgeous!! <3

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    Issa x

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  11. Always with helpful, informative reviews and descriptions! Thanks for sharing =)

    Love from the NaNa girls xoxo

  12. Wow! I can see why you're so positive about this make up collection because you look incredible in these photos! Really think that this collection is perfect for you, you suit it so well Christine.

    1. thanks you so much for your sweet comments Matt! i really appreciate them :)

  13. The make up looks so pretty on you <3
    You really look beautiful!


  14. Christine, you're goddess of make-up! Amazing palette!

  15. This palette is worth trying, bot for the price/quality ratio and for the many shades you can mix and match! Lots of love honey bunny!! Mwahh* Coco

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  17. What a great review! Makes me want to experiment with eye shadows even more (so far I'm happy with the bronze palette) xx


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  28. I Love MUA Products! My favorite eyeshadow palette is undress me too. I bought this a few days ago at Redrox Cosmetics and im so in love!



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